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Dynamic listing sort by ACF


  • Théo started the conversation

    Hello, i wanted to know if there is a way to sort my post in widget "dynamic listing" by ACF date field. Basically to display event list on my website.

    Thank you !

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    Deekshit replied

    Hi Theo,

    Thank you for contacting POSIMYTH Support.

    Unfortunately, the feature that you are looking for is not possible with our widget, but it will need some customization to accomplish the needs that you are looking for.

    You can follow the link here https://developers.elementor.com/custom-query-filter/ where you can add custom queries using the Dynamic listing widget. 

    The below code is just the sample where you can write the code format structure and add it to your funcations.php file.

    function extra_function_name($query_args) {

    $extra_query = array( 'post_type' => ['theplus_testimonial','theplus_team_member'], ); 

    $query_args = array_merge($query_args,$extra_query);   

    return $query_args; } add_filter('your_fuction_id', 'extra_function_name');

    Please take a look https://app.vmaker.com/record/JuLVRvMnTKc2sWm6


    Warm Regards,
    Deekshit Nair

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