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NEW Purge All Cache Options


  • Frank Stone started the conversation

    Great news about your recent upgrades. In the new Purge All Cache options, one of the selections is "On Demand Assets."  I use the "NitroPack: caching plugin set to it defaults for all my WordPress websites. Do you suggest I use the On Demand Assets or the Smart Optimized option?

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    Deekshit replied

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for contacting POSIMYTH Support and glad you liked the new feature of The Plus Addons.

    We normally recommend the Smart Optimized option as that option will save the CSS/JS files in 2 separate files of each widget that you use on a relevant page. ( This was the default functionality that we were using before the update)

    This feature generates one CSS and JS file per page to have only needed content on each page that keeps all unwanted code away from the website.

    For instance, if you have added multiple plus widgets on a single page, that page ID will be generated and it will create CSS/JS files stored of that page ID folder of those used widgets.

    But if you choose On-Demand Assets, then CSS/JS files will be called based on the widgets that you use on that page. If you use the same widget on another page, common CSS/JS files will be called. This option is for those users who wants to use complex caching solutions using 3rd party plugins. This is almost like turning off your caching option.


    Warm Regards,
    Deekshit Nair

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