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campos do registro


  • marilucio started the conversation

    hello i bought the plus adons...
    just to be able to style the log and registration part...
    but it seems that the plugin does not have the option to add a field... so it is an incomplete record because I would like to get more information from my users, such as phone/gender age/locality and others... the plugin did not meet my expectations ... I would like to know if there is a way to add these fields in the registration area... being signed if there is no solution I would like to get my money back because it is still on time! the product was purchased on today's date... and i would not like to waste time if there is no solution... thank you in advance.
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    Deekshit replied

    Hi Mari,

    Thank you for contacting POSIMYTH Support.

    Unfortunately, we have followed the default WordPress standard so additional custom fields are not possible. 

    We would be adding to add the same in the next update of the plugin.


    Warm Regards,
    Deekshit Nair

    I'm located in India. My timezone is IST.