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  • progettarefacile started the conversation

    Why does the plugin slow down the site so much? To try and see if it was the plugin I created a new website, only installed hello theme elementor basic and the plus addon. 

    I did the site speed test with just elementor (no content) and it got 99 percent.

    The moment I install you addon it drop immediately to 84 percent (no content).

    What's the problem and will it be fixed?


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    Deekshit replied

    Hi Progettarefacile,

    Thank you for contacting POSIMYTH Support.

    Please see here https://docs.posimyth.com/tpae/how-to-get-the-best-possible-performance-using-the-plus-addons/ as you can follow the steps that are mentioned in the guide.

    Also, I would recommend that you please increase your WP Memory limit to 1024M and deactivate any third party plugins which use enough resources on your server.


    Warm Regards,
    Deekshit Nair

    I'm located in India. My timezone is IST.

  • progettarefacile replied

    Diving deep into it I found that it was the Google maps API key for some reason slowing the site down by 2 seconds! I changed the key to 'none' and it's fixed. I wonder why though. Anyways thanks for your help and always for a great plugin

  • RyanSheldon replied

    I am also having this problem, except I could not change settings.  There is a field that says On Scroll View Animation Offset, which is defaulted to 0.  It must be set to 30 to allow the map change.