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Regarding inserting or enabling carousel items dynamically


  • Aneel Sarwar started the conversation


    I want to enable the "Carousel Anything" items dynamically e.g. on page load it shows only one item in carousel without the slider arrows, after 30mins it activates or add 2 more items to the same carousel (now 3 items visible), after 30mins more it adds 2 more items to carousel (now 5 items visible) and this time adds carousel slider arrows aswell.

    Is this possible? I can then try doing it with ajax, jquery calls etc. Meaning what I am looking for is a way where I can refresh the carousel section through jQuery after every few minutes and based on what items I wanna show it shows only those items in carousel. 

  • Aneel Sarwar replied

    Is "Carousel Anything" widget using slick slider or swiper slider when using theplusaddon with elementor pro? Because as far as I remember elementor pro moved from slick slider to swiper slider few months back. But from page source of theplusaddon I am seeing its probably still using slick slider. 

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    Disha replied

    Hello Aneel Sarwar,

    We have taken a look at possibilities of this feature. We do not have such feature to refresh or add dynamically after few minutes in our widget.

    You may check any custom code to achieve that as That might not be easily possible. 

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    Disha Patel

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