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Process widget not linked with carousel anything widget


  • Richy Liu started the conversation

    I put up both carousel anything widget and process widget, and create the unique carousel ID (can u pls let me know the rule for creating these ID?) have no idea why, these 2 are not linked. The carousel anything moving by itself, not controlled by process widget at all.

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    Disha replied

    Hello Richy,

    Would you please share your Page URL + your wp-admin access for us to take a look?

    You may use this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/temporary-login-without-password/ In this method, to share your access using just one link with expiry time. It will ask you for email address, Which you can put any email address. We just need that URL, Which will let us to login as an administrator. If ticket is public, Make sure, You respond privately, as shown in below screenshot.


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