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  • Muhammad Fayyaz Malik started the conversation

    Hi one week before you said to me that my refund is in process but 7 days passed the money is not reflected in to my bank account. Not a signal email I had received from stripe or any other company. If you are not refund my money I will take legal action through my bank side. 


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    Disha replied

    Hi Muhammad,

    We are looking in to stripe refund again to make sure, You get your refund soon. As We can see, it's 5 days from the day we made your refund request. It take 5-10 days to reflect on your credit card statement. 

    Do not worry, If It will not refunded in 10 days, We will find another way to refund if that have any issue in refund from stripe's end. We never had issues in refund before and it take approx 5-10 days. 

    We are sorry for delay but We initiated refund soon as your request was approved. Would you wait for few more days?

    Warm Regards,
    Disha Patel
    POSIMYTH Themes Team

    I'm located in India. My timezone is IST.

  • Muhammad Fayyaz Malik replied